Welcome to Museum of River Navigation

Following the National Road 16 on the stretch between Padova and Monselice you happen to drive through Battaglia Terme. Surrounded to the west by the Euganean Hills and delimited to the east by a network of waterways that flow downwards to the sea, Battaglia Terme stretches along the banks of the Battaglia canal which was dug by the Paduans in the 13th century. Everything in Battaglia is in connection and related to water. The town has been for centuries the nodal point of a vast network of traffic and commerce and an important river port. Its canal were sailed by great burchi (typical freight boat) loaded with masegni (trachyte) and corn, which were bound for Venice harbour and the Lagoon. Water was also the main source of hydraulic energy, which moved mills, saws, hammers and fulling machines of the local paper mill, which enhanced the flourishing artisan activity of Battaglia.

The Museum of River Navigation is the main evidence of the century old industrial vocation of Battaglia Terme. The museum is situated in the Ortazzo Riviera, and represents a unicum in its genre, as it collects and displays stories, materials and memories of the ‘lost’ world of river and lagoon transport in all its facets, a world which belongs to our recent past history and should not be forgotten.